Nouns, noun expressions

a bonus, a career choice, a CV, challenges, experience, job/labor market, job opportunities, a job satisfaction, perks, prospects, qualifications, references, responsibilities, a salary, a vacancy, working hours, a workplace

Adjectives describing jobs

dull, dead-end, exciting, full-time, monotonous, motivating, nine-to-five, part-time, permanent, perspective, remote, repetitive, rewarding, temporary, varied


to demote, to dismiss/discharge/sack (BrEng)/fire (AmEng), to hire/employ, to promote, to resign/quit, to retire

Verbal expressions

to apply for a job, to be experienced, to be on a sick leave, to be on maternity leave, to be sacked/fired, to be self-employed, to be unemployed, to be in charge of/to be responsible for, to do a job-share, to do night shifts, to do paperwork, to do/work overtime, to do shift work, to deal with , to get promoted, to give / provide a reference, to get a job, to get holiday pay, to get sick pay, to get a pay rise, to give the sack,  to have an interview, to look for a job, to make redundant, to meet a deadline, to run a company, to send a CV, to work flexitime, to work on commission

People involved

a colleague, deputy, a director, an employer, an employee, a head, an HR specialist, a shift worker, a trainee


An architect, a lawyer, an engineer, an accountant, a university lecturer, a broker, a sailor, a pilot, a police officer, a firefighter, a carpenter, a plumber, an electrician, a teacher, a manager,  a doctor, a mechanic, a nurse, a surgeon, a vet, a programmer, an IT specialist, an actor, a real estate agent



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