Types of Dwellings

Block of flats, (AmE: apartment building), bungalow, camper van, castle, cottage, country house, detached house , duplex house , flat (AmE: apartment), hut/cabin, igloo, lighthouse, palace, penthouse, semi-detached house, sky-scraper, studio, tent, terraced house, villa, weekend house

Rooms and interior

Hall (entrance hall)

A chest of drawers for shoes, a coat rack, a coat hook, a coat hanger, a hall mirror

Living room (lounge)

An armchair, a bookcase, a bookshelf, a blind, a carpet, a chandelier/lustre, a coffee table, curtains (AmEng: drapes), a curtain rail, a cushion, a display cabinet unit, fireplace, indoor plants (houseplants), mantle clock, plant pot, rag, remote control, settee, sideboard, sofa/couch, suite of furniture, vase, Venetian blind, wall units, windowsill


Bedding/ bedclothes, bedside cabinet, bed sheet, bedroom lamp, bedside rug, blanket, blanket-cover, coverlet/bedspread, double bed, drawer, dressing table, linen shelf, mattress, pillow, pillow – case, wardrobe (AmE: clothes closet)

Kitchen and dining room

Bottle rack (in storage door), cupboard, cutlery, cutlery drawer, china cabinet (display cabinet)/sideboard, cooker, cooker hood, dining set, dining table, dish drainer, dishwasher, freezer, microwave oven, oven, pot holder, refrigerator (fridge, AmE: icebox), shelf, sink, tablecloth, tap (AmE: faucet), tea-cloth, toaster, working top


Bath mat, bath tub, mixer tap (AmE: mixing faucet), shower cubicle, shower curtain, soap dish, toilet (lavatory, loo (informal) (AmE: bathroom, restroom), toilet pan (toilet bowl), towel rail, washbasin

Study (den) 

Desk, desklamp, writing set

House parts

Balcony, back door, basement, ceiling, door frame, door handle, door lock, chimney, flat roof, French window, front door, front steps, handrail, loft, parapet, patio, peephole, porch, rainwater pipe, roof, staircase, staircase landing, stair light, step, tiled roof, veranda, window frame, window shutter

Premises and outhouse

Arbour, backyard, court, driveway, garage, garden, green-house, fence, flower- bed, fountain, front garden, hedge, hot-house , kennel, kitchen garden, lawn (grass-plot), litter/rubbish bin, plot, orchard, padding pool – плавательный бассейн, parterre, path, pavement (AmE: sidewalk), pond, shed/barn, stable, summer house, poultry, yard

House fittings and accommodations

Central heating, electricity, electric meter, plug, heating system, hot-water heating, modern conveniences, refuse chute / rubbish chute, socket, steam, water line, water supply

Household appliances and utensils

Broom, brush (AmE: broom), bucket, clothes line (washing line), dust bag container, dust container, floor cloth, hose (suction hose), iron, ironing table, pan (dust pan), stepladder, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, washing-up brush


To air, to dust smth, to empty, to keep house, to polish, to put something straight, to scrub, to sweep, to tidy up (do smth), to wipe


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