Affirmative (+)

I am (I’m) we are (we’re)
you are (you’re) you (you’re)
he, she, it is (he’s, she’s, it’s) they (they’re)


Negative (-)

I am not (I’m not) we are not (aren’t)
you are not (aren’t) you
he, she, it

is not/isn’t (he’s not, she’s not, it’s not)



Question (?) – general

Am I? Are we?
Are you? you?
Is he/she/it? they?

Short answer

Yes, I am. / No, I’m not.

Yes, you are. / No, you aren’t.

Yes, he is. / No, he isn’t.

Yes, we are. / No, we aren’t

Yes, you are. / No, you aren’t.

Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t.


Special question (?)

Question word + be + Subject

Where are you?

What is this?

Who are they?

When is the concert?


1. Complete the gaps with the right form of ‘to be’

  1. I … so happy.
  2. He … at home now.
  3. ‘We… the champions, my friend!!!’
  4. It … my bag.
  5. They … really cute!
  6. You … my friend.
  7. She … in Italy.
  8. They … at work.
  9. I … sleepy.
  10. We … in the countryside.

2. Complete the gaps with the right form of ‘to be’

  1. Rose… my best friend.
  2. Ted … very handsome.
  3. Bill and Joe … with me now.
  4. My bestie and I … in a café.
  5. You and your parents … lovely.
  6. Joe … a kind person.
  7. Your dog … very calm.
  8. Lily and her sister … in Barcelona.
  9. Your teacher … very intelligent.
  10. Ben… a great doctor.

3. Change the sentences into negative ones and questions

  1. It’s my key.
  2. They’re students.
  3. Kate is sad today.
  4. I’m tired.
  5. She’s my teacher.
  6. Pete’s busy today.
  7. They’re doctors.
  8. You’re my friend.
  9. It’s your dog.
  10. We’re from Moscow.

4. Put ‘be’ into the right form (affirmative, negative or question).

  1. (I) late? – 
  2. Your job (not) hard.
  3.  (the film) interesting?
  4.  (they) your friends?
  5. He (not) an actor.
  6. (She) a lawyer.
  7. (you) from Spain?
  8. I (not) at the cinema.
  9. (They) on holiday.
  10. We (not) twins!

5. Mark True or False about yourself (A1).

  1. I’m a teacher.
  2. I’m very busy today!
  3. I’m from Moscow.
  4. I’m very tall.
  5. I’m not a student.
  6. I’m Russian.
  7. I’m fond of music.
  8. I’m good at sports.
  9. I’m a football fan.
  10. I’m tired now.

5. Ask each other in pairs (A1)

Answer Yes, I am/ No, I’m not.

1. Are you from this city?

2. Are you busy tonight?

3. Are you a music lover?

4. Are you interested in books?

5. Are you interested in movies?

6. Are you scared of spiders?

7. Is your family big?

8. Is your house far away from here?

9. Is your school/office new?

10. Is football your favourite sport?

6. Describe how people in the pictures feel.



busy [‘bɪzɪ] занятой
excited [ɪk’saɪtɪd]  радостный
happy [‘hæpɪ] счастливый
hungry [‘hʌŋgrɪ] голодный
sad [sæd] грустный
scared [skeəd]  испуганный
sleepy [‘sli:pɪ]  сонный
tired [‘taɪəd] уставший



home, work, school, a party, the cinema


a room, a town/city