English is an international language!

Do the quiz to find out some facts about English

1. How many people around the world speak English?

a) 500 000

b) 1 billion

c) 1 million

d) 1,5 billion

2. Which is the closest language to English?

a) French

b) German

c) Spanish

d) Chinese

3. In which of these countries isn’t English the official language?

a) Malta, Jamaica

b) New Zealand, Australia, Canada

c) South Africa, Kenya

d) Cuba, The Dominican Republic

4. How many letter s are there in the alphabet?

a) 26

b) 30

c) 25

d) 15



A, a [ei]

J, j [dʒei]

S, s [es]

B, b [bi:]

K, k [kei]

T, t [ti:]

C, c [si:]

L, l [el]

U, u [ju:]

D, d [di:]

M, m [em]

V, v [vi:]

E, e [I:]

N, n [en]

W, w [‘dabl ,ju:]

F, f [ef]

O, o [əu]

X, x [eks]

G, g [dʒi:]

P, p [pi:]

Y, y [wai]

H, h [eitʃ]

Q,q [kju:]

Z, z [zed]

I, I [ai]

R, r [a:]


How do you spell the following words: a house, mom, love, a friend, a bed, a café, a cat, a dog, a son, the sky, a table, a man, a bag.

How do you spell your name?