Countable nouns

Uncountable nouns

Large quantity

A lot of, plenty of, lots of (+)

There are a lot of people in the street.

We have a lot of money.


Many (-, ?)

There aren’t many dresses left in the shop.

Are there many people?

Too many

Look! You’ve made too many mistakes – you need to the task all over again.

Much (-, ?)

There isn’t much time left.

Do you have much free time?

Too much

You are making too much noise. Could you be quieter, please?

Small quantity

(very )few

We have few plants in the flat. We need to buy more.

(very) little

There is little jam left. Can you buy some?

= Several , some

A few

I have a few good friends and we spend most weekends together.

A little

I have a little ice-cream. Would you like some?


Sufficient quantity


Are there enough apples in the fridge?

There isn’t enough space for the table here.

Some, any

Some (+)

I have some good books on the shelf.

Any (-, ?)

Are there any good books?

There aren’t any bad books here!

Zero quantity

No, none

We have no oranges (= We have none).

There is no information about it (= There is none).