1. Reporting verbs + would rather/had better

Choose the right form of the verbs

1) He apologize (come) late.

2) I would rather not (travel) to Egypt now.

3) He expects (sign) the agreement today.

4) You’d better (work) harder on this project.

5) Thank for encouraging me (apply) for this job.

6) You’d better (not walk). It’s raining.

7) I’d rather you (stay) with us tonight.

8) He insists (get) the report today.

9) She’d rather her boss (not give) her extra tasks.

10) He offered (help) with the documents.

  • Past tenses
  • Reported speech, reporting verbs
  • Gerund vs Infinitive
  • Conditionals
  • Complex object, complex subject
  • Used to/would
  • Passive voice
  • Future forms
  • I wish

2. Correct the mistakes

1) I wish I had exercised every day.

2) I would like you call me as soon as possible.

3) He threatened firing me.

4) I saw a squirrel when I ran in the park.

5) Your goods will delivered on Tuesday.

6) When I wrote the test I realized I forgot all the grammar rules!

7) I think I’m going to buy this suit.

8) She asked did I work for that department.

9) If I didn’t miss the train, I would have arrived on time.

10) He accused her to spend so much money.

11) I fly to Miami tomorrow.

12) When I was a child I’m used to eat a lot of sweats.

13) He is believed earn a lot (Complex Subject).

14) He promised paying back soon.

15) She asked why was I doing that.

3. Put the verbs into the right forms

1) When I was a child, I (spend) a lot of time in the play round.
2) The problem (solve) now, please, wait.

3) – By the time I got home, I (receive) 10 messages from him!!! Isn’t it weird?

– If I (be) him, I (text) you so much!

4) When the computer (fix)? I need to use it very soon.

5) If I (prepare) better, I (pass) the exam.

6) We (fly) to Paris tonight.

7) I hope they (come) to my wedding.

8) He admitted (give) wrong information.

9) She denied (make) a mistake.

10) They managed (finish) the project on time.

11) If I (have) some free time tomorrow, I (call you).

12) You (stay) for a day or two if you (like) the city?

13) When I (cross) the road, I (see) his car.

14) I told him I (be) busy but he didn’t hear.

15) The article (publish) two days ago.

16) I wish I (have) a dog.

17) They wish they (stay) for a few more days yesterday.

18) She said she (go) shopping the next day.

19) I’d like you (send) this e-mail now.

20) She (believe) to have a wonderful voice.