• to eye smb to look at someone or something with interest/carefully’

His mother curiously eyed me when I entered the room.

  • to gaze at to look at something or someone for a long time, especially in surprise or admiration, or because you are thinking about something else’

The first time they appeared in public together, people around gazed at them.

  • to glance at to give a quick short look

She nervously glanced at her phone expecting a message but there was none.

  • to glare at ‘to look at someone angrily and without moving your eyes

The teacher was glaring at the students wondering who had made such a mess.

  • to look (at) – neutral – ‘to direct your eyes in order to see’

I looked at the photo and recognized my grandma.

  • to peep at,through ‘to secretly look at something for a short time, usually through a hole’

He noticed his neighbour peeping at him through the hedge.

  • to peer at to look carefully or with difficulty

I was peering into the distance trying to make out what was written on the wall.

  • to scan smth/smb 1)to look at something carefully in order to find smth/get information’

He scanned the faces of the people in the crowd for Mary.

2) ‘to look through a text quickly in order to find a piece of information that you want’ (or to get a general idea of what the text contains) + to scan through

I scanned the list but I didn’t find my name on it.

  • to seeto be conscious of what is around you by using your eyes

I’m looking at the message but I don’t see the address in it.

  • to skim smth/ through, over smthto read or consider something quickly in order to understand the main points, without studying it in detail(+ ‘to find a particular point ‘ = to scan)

I’ve only skimmed through the article. I don’t know the details.

  • to stare (at) ‘to look for a long time with the eyes wide open, especially when surprised, frightened, or thinking’

The scene was so terrible that she couldn’t speak – she just stared at me.

  • to watch smth  to look at something for a period of time, especially something that is changing or moving/observe’

I was watching a football match.

+ Complex object

to watch smb V1

I watched her leave the room.

to watch smb Ving

We watched him dancing.

* the definitions are taken from Cambridge Dictionary (https://dictionary.cambridge.org/)