Gapped text

Level – B1.

Focus – structural and logical connections in sentences.

Identifying the main types of clauses to complete sentences:
1) Coordinate clauses (with conjunctions and, but, or)
The guests arrived and she started her speech.

2) Subordinate clauses with different conjunctions:
- Time: when, as soon as, before, after, until, while, whenever, once, now that, since
- Cause: because, as, since;
- Purpose: so that;
- Result: so;
- Condition: if, only if, provided that, in case, unless;
- Place: where, wherever; 
- Relative clauses: which (objects), who (people), that (both);
- Concession: though, although, even though;
- Comparison:  just as, than, whereas, like, as though, as if;

Special structures with conjunctions

either or

neither nor

not only but also

Please, contact either Mr. Thomson or his assistant.

She understands neither Maths nor Physic.