Reporting verbs and their patterns

Verb only

agree, apologize, ask, nod, refuse

Verb + that clause

accept, acknowledge, add, admit, agree, announce, answer, argue, boast, claim, comment, complain, confess, confirm, consider, deny, doubt, estimate, exclaim, explain, fear, guarantee, hope, insist, imagine, mention, observe, point out, predict, promise, propose, regret, remark, remember, repeat, reply, report, respond, reveal, say, state, suppose, swear, think, vow, warn, whisper

Verb + if clause

ask, wonder

Verb + object+if clause


Verb+ object+ that clause

advise, assure, inform, reassure, remind, tell, warn

Verb+ that+

  • Smb should V1
  • Smb + V1

advise, beg, demand, insist, propose, recommend, request, suggest

Verb+ to V1

agree, decide, expect, guarantee, hope, offer, promise, propose, refuse, swear, threaten, volunteer

Verb + Object + to V1

advise, allow, ask, beg, challenge, convince, command, encourage, expect, forbid, force, implore, instruct, invite, order, permit, persuade, promise, recommend, remind, request, teach, tell, urge, warn

Verb + Ving

admit , deny,  mention, recommend, regret, report, suggest

Verb + preposition+Ving

apologize for, insist on

Verb + object + preposition + Ving

accuse sb of, blame sb for , congratulate sb on, thank sb for


1) admit, deny +

  • that clause
  • Ving

2) recommend +

  • that+ smb should V1/smb + V1
  • object + to V1
  • Ving

3) remind, warn +

  • verb+ object+ that clause
  • verb + object + to V1

4) suggest +

  • that+ smb should V1/smb + V1
  • Ving

5) regret+

  • Verb+ that clause
  • Ving

Resourses used: Mark Foley&Diane Hall Longman Advanced Learner’s Grammar