Environmental problems and dangers

acid rain, air/ land/water pollution, climate change, deforestation, endangered species, genetic modification of crops, global warming, loss of biodiversity, natural resource depletion, ocean acidification, ozone layer depletion, overfishing, overpopulation, species extinction, urban sprawl, waste disposal

Nouns/ Noun expressions

carbon-dioxide, carbon footprint, conservation, a conservation group/environmental organization, , domestic/household waste, ecosystem, emission, environmental problems, a food chain, a fossil fuel, greenhouse gases, a habitat, , natural resources, oil spills, the ozone layer, pesticides, poaching, protection, reforestation, toxic waste, wildlife


energy-efficient, environmental, extinct, hazardous, renewable, toxic, uninhabitable


to ban, to carpool, to clear-cut, to compost , to consume, to cut down on, to destroy, to donate, to emit, to fertilize, to minimize, to pollute, to preserve, to protect, to recycle, to reduce, to reuse, to throw away/dump, to use up, to waste

Verbal expressions

to be under threat, to become extinct/die out, to exhaust fumes 


Vocabulary with translation