Types of books

Adventure, anthology, autobiography, biography, children’s literature, comic book, cookbook, crime, detective story, drama, diary, encyclopedia, fairytale, fantasy, historical fiction, horror, manual, memoirs, mystery, poetry, romance, satire, science fiction, short story


An author, an avid/big reader, a bookworm, a character, an edition, an e-book, an e-reader, a hardback, a narrator, narration, a paper book, a plot, a protagonist, a setting, a scene, a twist, a writer


Absorbing , addictive, alluring, breathtaking, captivating , engaging , engrossing,  entertaining, exciting, enthralling, fascinating, gripping,  intriguing, involving , thrilling

Other: Chilling, compelling/ believable, disappointing, evocative/ expressive, heavy-going, lightweight, realistic/ true-to-life, touching, unpredictable


To arouse deep feeling in smb, bedtime reading, to be published, can’t put it down, to convey ideas, to be engrossed in a book, to be set (the book is set…), to flick through a book, a page-turner, to read from cover to cover, to tell the story of…

Parts of books

Chapter, epigraph, epilogue, introduction, illustration, part, prologue, quotation, sequel, title

Review of a book

To become popular (among), to get/have a favorable/ unfavorable review, to leave a deep and lasting impression (on smb), to win universal acclaim


  1. Match the types of books to the definitions

1) A cookbook

a)      A book giving instructions or information

2)A biography

b)      A short rhymed piece of writing

3)A poem

c)      A book about a real person

4) A novel

d)      A book written by a person of his life and experiences.

5)Romance,a  love story

e)      Fiction based on imagined future scientific or technological advances.


f)       A book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences.


g)      A fictitious prose narrative of book length


h)      A book with the use of humor, irony, exaggeration.

9) Manual

i)        A book with recipes for dishes

10)A fairy tale

j)        A book giving information on subjects arranged alphabetically.


k)      A collection of poems or stories by different authors.


l)        A story about magical and imaginary beings and lands.

13)Science fiction

m)    A book dealing with love in a sentimental way

14) Satire

n)      A narration concerned with arousing feelings of fear.

15) Diary

o)      A book about an unusual and exciting or daring experience.


  1. Complete the sentences with the adjectives

evocative, chilling, compelling, lightweight, heavy-going, engrossing

1)This horror story was really … I couldn’t help feeling scared after I finished it.

2)The novel was so … that I couldn’t put it down.

3)This … story made me believe in all the events and characters.

4)This book is … I couldn’t finish it in 4 months.

5)This … love story aroused deep feeling in me.

6)While travelling, I love reading something … which doesn’t evoke too much thought.

3. Complete the sentences with the following nouns

Bookworm, chapters, illustrations, page turner, scene, e-readers, prologue, characters, plot twists, setting, realistic

1)She’s a real … spending most of her time reading.

2)I couldn’t put down. This novel is a true …

3)I highly recommend this novel because of its … which is very original and unpredictable.

4)Our generation doesn’t buy paper books much. We are …

5)The characters are very … and remind me of my acquaintances.

6)I’m keen on Agatha Christie’s novels because of unexpected …

7)The … of the story  is Paris in the 19th.

8)One shouldn’t neglect the … of a novel. Some essential ideas are expressed in it.

9)- How many … are there in the book? – 9.

10)The … are incredible, they make you imagine the scene vividly.

11)I clearly remember that … when the main character proposed to her.

4. Complete this book description with the following words

included , became popular, a diary, narrated, protagonist, narration,  published, translated, plot twists

‘The Catcher in the Rye’ is a novel by J.D. Salinger 1)… in 1951. It was originally intended for adults but quickly 2)… among adolescent readers for its critique on superficiality in society.

 The novel is 3)… in a subjective style from the point of view of the 4)…, Holden Caulfield, a teenager of 17. Holden is living in Southern California near Hollywood. He intends to live with his brother D.B, an author and World War II veteran, with whom Holden is angry for becoming a screenwriter, one month after his discharge. As he waits, Holden recalls the events of the previous Christmas. The 5)… mostly consists of descriptions, stating his ideas and remembering past experiences. It lacks action and unexpected 6)… and in genre resembles a 7)…

The novel is considered very influential. It has been 8)… into almost all of the world’s major languages. The novel was 9)… on Time’s 2005 list of the 100 best English-language novels written since 1923. Holden Caulfield, has become an icon for teenage rebellion.

5. Answer the questions

  1. Are you a big reader?
  2. What are your favorite book types?
  3. Do you have favorite writers?
  4. Which book would you call a page-turner?
  5. Did you have any favorite fairy tales in your childhood?
  6. Have you ever read any memoirs?
  7. Do you think nowadays people tend to read less? If so, what are the reasons?
  8. If you were a fictional character, who would you be?
  9. Are you fond of bedtime reading?
  10. Have you read any compelling biography?

Vocabulary with translation

Types of books

Adventure – приключенческая книга

Anthology – антология

Autobiography – автобиография

Biography – биография

Children’s literature – детская литература

Comic book – юмористическая книга

Cookbook – книга рецептов

Crime – книга о преступлении

Detective story – детективный рассказ

Drama – драма

Diary – дневниковые записи

Encyclopedia – энциклопедия

Fairy tale – сказка

Fantasy – фэнтэзи

Historical fiction – историческая проза

Horror – книга ужасов

Manual – инструкция

Memoirs – мемуары, воспоминания

Mystery  – таинственная история

Poetry – поэзия

Romance – любовная история

Satire – сатира

Science fiction – научная фантастика

Short story – рассказ, новелла


An author – автор

An avid, big reader/ a bookworm  – человек, любящий читать

A character – персонаж

An edition – издание

An e-book – электронная книга

An ereader – читатель, предпочитающий электронные книги

A hardback – книга в твердом переплете

A narrator – рассказчик, повествователь

Narration – повествование

A paper book – напечатанная книга

A plot – сюжет

A protagonist – главный герой 

A setting – место/время действия

A scene – сцена

A twist – поворот сюжета (a plot twist)

A writer – писатель


Absorbing , addictive, alluring, breathtaking, captivating , engaging , engrossing,  entertaining, exciting, enthralling, fascinating, gripping,  intriguing, involving , thrilling – синонимы к прилагательным «захватывающий», «увлекательный»

Chilling – ужасающий

Compelling, Believable- убедительный

Disappointing – разочаровывающий

Evocative, expressive – выразительный

Heavygoing – книга, которая сложно читается

Lightweight – легкое чтиво

Realistic, true-to-life – реалистичный

Touching – трогательный

Unpredictable – непредсказуемый


To arouse deep feeling in smb – вызывать глубокое чувство у кого-л.

Bedtime reading – чтение перед сном

To be published – быть опубликованным

Cant put it down – невозможно оторваться

To convey ideas – передавать идеи

To be engrossed in a book – быть увлеченным книгой

To be set (the book is set…) – Действие происходит

To flick through a book – бегло просмотреть книгу

A page-turner –увлекательная книга

To read from cover to cover – прочитать от начала до конца

To tell the story of… – повествовать об

Parts of books

Chapter – глава

Epigraph – эпиграф

Epilogue – эпилог

Introduction – вступление

Illustration – иллюстрация

Part – часть

Prologue – пролог

Quotation – цитата

Sequel – продолжение

Title – название

Review of a book

To become popular (among) – стать популярной (среди)

to get/have a favorable/ unfavorable review – получить положительные/орицательные отзывы

to leave a deep and lasting impression (on smb) – произвести глубокое и не изгладимое впечталение (на)

to win universal acclaim – получить всеобщее признание