Single finished actions in the past, past states.

I worked in Moscow two years ago.

She planned to visit her friends yesterday.

She married him and they had wonderful children.

Regular verbs: + ed

work – worked

live – lived

1) 1 vowel + 1 consonant *2

stop – stopped

rob – robbed

travel – travelled

2) consonant + y -> i + ed

study – studied

try – tried

marry – married

BUT: play – played, stay – stayed (vowel+y)

Irregular verbs: a special form (go – went, see – saw)


didn’t + V1

I didn’t buy this book because I didn’t like it.

He didn’t come to the party because he was very busy.



Did + Subject + V1

Did you like the film?

Did they win?

Did you sister call?

Short answer

  • Yes, I/you/he,she,it/we/they did.
  • No, I/you/he,she,it/we/they didn’t.


Question word + did + Subject + V1

What did you do?

Where did she go?

When did they finish work?

Pronunciation (-ed)

List of common irregular verbs

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