Types of films

A film (BrE), a movie (AmE)

an adventure movie,  an action movie,  a black-and-white film, a cartoon, a comedy , a chase film, a cliff-hanger, a color film, a crime film, a documentary , an epic movie, an episode, a feature film, a full-length film, a horror film/ a spine-chiller, martial arts film, a musical, a sci-fi, a tear-jerker (informal), a road movie, a romance/ a love story/ a melodrama, a romantic comedy, a soap opera, a serial/series, a screen version, a short-length film, a silent film, a spy film, a thriller/suspense movie, a war film, a western


an actor, an actress, an amateur actor, cast, a character actor, a comedian, a film extra, a supporting actor, a tragedian, a stuntman

Film crew

an administrative director, an artistic director, a cameraman/camerawoman, a boom operator, a costume designer, a director, a director of photography, an editor, a film crew, a make-up man, a producer, a production manager, a script writer, a set designer, a sound producer

At the cinema

an aisle, an auditorium, to be on, a box-office, a cinema-goer, a film festival, a foyer,  a local cinema, a matinee, a multiplex cinema, a poster, a premiere, a row, a screen, a trailer

Parts of a film

a close-up, a crowd scene, dubbing, an ending, a final scene, a flashback, an opening scene, a plot, a scene, a script/scenario, a sequel, a soundtrack, special effects, subtitles, a twist

Adjectives to describe movies

absorbing , addictive, alluring, breathtaking, captivating , compelling, engaging , engrossing,  entertaining, exciting, entahralling, fascinating, gripping,  intriguing, involving, thrilling

Other: Chilling, believable, disappointing, empty of serious content/ superficial, evocative/ expressive, hilarious, long-drawn-out, nerve-racking, not without flaws, plain, profound, realistic/ true-to-life, second-rate//trivial/commonplace/unremarkable, star-studded, thought-provoking, touching, unconvincing/ two-dimensional, unpredictable

Verbs/verbal expressions

to act, the action takes place …, to be based on…, to be composed by (music), to be on, to be released, to be set in (the setting is…), to be shot/filmed in a studio, to be shot/filmed on location, to cast actors for parts, to convey ideas, to depict/portray (about a film), to dub, to gross, to play the lead, to play the part of…, to rehearse, to star… (The film stars…), to shoot a film, to warm to one’s role/to get into character

Review of a film

An average review, to be cast to advantage, to be a flop, to be miscast/ill-chosen, to be nominated for, to be a success, to get/have a favorable/ unfavorable review, to give a magnificent performance, to flop/founder at the box-office, to gain/take the best actor/actress award, to leave a deep and lasting impression (on smb), to make the most of the role, to outshine everybody, to win universal acclaim, to write a review of a film


Actor’s lines, a budget, a character, a double, a rehearsal


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