Noun+ to Noun + for Noun + of Noun + in

access to

addiction to

an answer to

approach to

damage to

dedication to

devotion to

objection to

a reaction to

a reply to

a response to

a solution to

a threat to

a visit to

admiration for

an advertisement for

an apology to smb for smth

craving for

a cure for

desire for

gratitude to smb for smth

a hope for

a need for (but: to be in need of..)

a passion for

a search for

a reason for

respect for

responsibility for

a room for

sympathy for

a talent for

a taste for (interest)

an advantage/ disadvantage of

awareness of

a cause of

effect of

a fear of

a habit of (Ving)

an idea of

intention of (Ving)

knowledge of

lack of

a memory of

a possibility of (noun/Ving)

a process of

a proof of

a risk of (Ving)

a smell of

a sound of

a taste of (food)

belief in

a difficulty in

a delay in

experience in

interest in

a lesson in

pleasure in (Ving)

pride in (to take pride in Ving)

reduction in

a rise in


Noun+on Noun + with Noun + between Optional prepositions

attack on

a ban on

congratulations on

emphasis on

focus on

a report on

boredom with

matter with

a relationship with

satisfaction with

trouble with

a comparison between

a connection between

a difference between

advice on/about

anger about/at

annoyance about/at

information on/about

pleasure of/in

point of/ in

a problem with/of/in

a prospect of/for

a purpose of/in


Confusing prepositions

an increase/decrease (of + number)/ in (an indicator)

change in (changes that happen)/ to (changes that people purposely make)


1.Complete the sentences with prepositions.

1) They have great admiration … their grandfather.

2) Have you read the recent report … the increase … fast food consumption?

3) My nephew has a fear … height.

4) The student’s approach … the project was innovative.

5) Scientists strive to find the cure … this disease.

6) Today there has been a delay … processing payments.

7) What are the advantages … your job?

8) The cat had such a miserable look that I felt strong sympathy … it and decided to take it home.

9) I got no response … the question.

10) Bob has good taste … music.

11) He has a lot of experience … programming.

12) I have mostly good memories … my childhood.

13) There was a wonderful smell … fresh bakery in this café.

14) They have introduced a ban … smoking in public places.

15) Has anyone come up with a solution… this problem?

16) Global warming is a threat … life on Earth.

17) This teacher has a habit … interrupting students.

18) I noticed her adorable devotion … her parents.

19) How do you estimate the damage … the car?

20) I’m sorry, I didn’t have any intention … hurting you.

21) Her dedication … work is truly remarkable.

22) This magazine gives good advice … gardening.

23) I can’t think of any reason … his action.

24) She has always had passion … yoga.

25) One needs to have good knowledge … art for this job.

26) I don’t think he really has talent … acting. He just has some good connections.

27) There is always room … improvement.

28) The need … social intercourse is a basic human feature.

29) My friend takes pleasure … skating.

30) There has been a significant increase … the number of imported cars.

31) He has always had great desire … success.

32) The youth should have respect … national values.

33) He takes pride … playing the piano.

34) I saw an advertisement …a good job.

35) There is a growing awareness … the impact of climate change among the young.

36) What’s the matter …you? Don’t you see the difference … these two subjects?

37) There has been an increase … 100,000 … the city’s population in the last 5 years.

38) There’s no point … worrying about this. We can’t change anything anyway.

39) Could you give me some more information … this subject?

40) This job provides a lot of prospects … development.

2. Complete the questions with prepositions and answer them.

1) Do you have a habit … reading in transport?

2) Do you have a passion … any kind of music?

3) Who helps you find solutions … difficult problems?

4) Which achievement do you take pride …?

5) What do you have a talent …?

6) Do you think people have responsibility … their pets?

7) Do you like any advertisement? What is this ad …?

8) Can you tell me about some good memories … your childhood?

9) What do you take pleasure … when you’re on holiday?

10) Do you have admiration …. any person? If so, who is it?

 11) What is your approach … studying? Do you have any special techniques?

12) Do you have much experience … what you do?

13) What are the advantages and disadvantages … your current job?

14) Do you think people should have dedication … their work?

15) Do you have a fear … flying?

16) What is your idea … a perfect birthday celebration?

17) … which diseases haven’t scientists found a cure yet?

18) Do you have good relationships … your classmates/groupmates/colleagues?

19) Do you have access … any confidential information at work?

20) Do you approve of the ban … smoking in public places?