1.Match the countries to their New Year traditions!

1.       Italy

a)they make a lot of noise in the streets

2. Japan

b) they wear yellow clothes, they write wishes and burn them

3. Venezuela

c) they throw old things out of the window

4. France

d) they throw dishes at their friends’ doors

5. The Philippines

e) They laugh out loud a lot

6. Denmark

f) Children jump ten times to grow tall next year


1.c), 2.e), 3.b), 4.a), 5.f), 6.d)

2.Merry Christmas Mr Bean

3.How to Have a British Christmas Anglophenia Ep 20

Answer the questions

  1. What do the British call Christmas?
  2. What do British kids do with letters to Santa?
  3.  Where do they hang Christmas stockings?!
  4. What is a Chrtistmas cracker? What’s in it?
  5. What is the traditional Christmas meal?

4. Christmas in the USA and the UK