Verb + preposition

account for

add to

adjust to

admit to

agree with

apply for

appeal to

argue with

argue about

arrange      for

apologize for

(dis)approve of

ask for

base on

beg for

begin with

benefit       from

believe       in

belong       to

boast about

borrow       from

cater for

choose      between

comment on

collide       with

communicate      with

compete with

complain about


compose of

concentrate on

confess      to

confuse with

consist       of

contribute to

cope with

correspond with

count on

crash into

decide       on / against

dedicate to

depend      on

despair       of

differ from

disagree with

discuss       with

devote       to

dress          in

drink to

elaborate on

emerge       from

escape        from

experiment on

feel about

fight against/with/for

forget        about

guess at


get married to

get rid        of

grumble about      

hear of / about

hide from

hint at

hope of / for

insist          on

interfere with / in

invest         in

joke about            

laugh at

listen to

long for

mistake for

get married to

object        to

operate      on

participate in

pay for

persist        in

pray for

prepare      for

prohibit from

quarrel       about smth

quarrel       with smb

react against / to

recon         on


recover from

refer to

rely on

reply to

resign   from

respond to

result   in

retire    from

search  for

see to

shout at

smile at

specialize in

speak   to

stand for

stare at

stem     from

subscribe to

substitute for

succeed in

suffer   from

talk to smb/about smth

turn to

vote for          

wait for

wonder            at

work on

worry   about

write    to / about

Verb + object + preposition

accuse smb of smth

acquit smb of smth

advise smb on/against smth

blame smb for smth

blame smth on smb

bother smb with smth      

charge smb for smth

congratulate smb on smth

convict smb of smth

convince smb        of smth

cure smb of smth

demand smth from smb

deprive smb of smth

derive smth from smth

deter smb from smth/Ving

discourage smb from smth

distinguish smb/smth from/between smb/smth

distract smb from smth

excuse smb for smth

exchange smth      for smth

exclude smth from smt

expel smb from smth

explain smth to smb

forgive smb for smth

help smb with smth

hinder smb/smth from smth

involve smb/smth in smb/smth


lend smth to smb  

praise smb for smth

present smb with smth

prevent smb from smth

protect smb from smth

provide smb with smth

provide smth for smb

punish smb for smth

reassure smb of smth

realease smb from smth

rescue smb from from smth

rid smb of smth

remind smb of smth

rob smb of smth   

save smb from smth

sentence smb to smth

share smth with smb

stop smb from Ving

subject smb to smth

supply smb with smth

suspect smb of smt           

tell smb about smth

thank smb for smt

translate smth into smth

warn smb about/against smth

welcome smb to smth


1.Fill in the gaps.

1) Wait … me! I’ll be right back. I’ll see … this problem.

2) Listen … this! Is this ‘Radiohead’?

3) To begin …, I’m not trying to persuade you.

4) I’m not going to invest … this unprofitable venture.

5) I hope they’ll respond … my e-mail.

6) Are you going to apply … this job?

7) There’s nothing to worry …

8) I’m sure you’ll succeed … this if you make effort.

9) She has nothing to complain ….

10) It depends … their reply.

11) As for me, I disapprove … this.

12) I insist … the discussion.

13) As soon as I arrive … Paris, I’ll text you.

14) What are you laughing …?

15) Who are you going to vote …?

16) Are you going to participate … the election?

17) Thank you, my friend, I’ve always relied … you.

18) You shouldn’t interfere … this mess.

19) You should concentrate … studies these days.

20) She’ll surely comment … this as she always does.

2. Fill in the gaps

1) What are you hinting …? I don’t quite get it.

2) Subscribe … our channel.

3) She smiled … my offer.

4) If you suffer … insomnia, read a good book.

5) Getting rid … old stuff helps you get rid … unnecessary thoughts.

6) I don’t object … this idea, it seems reasonable.

7) He apologized … coming late.

8) You’ll both benefit … this.

9) If you take these pills, you’ll recover … this illness in a week.

10) No way you’re going to boast … it again!

11) New information and communication technologies add … the potential.

12) He specializes … chemistry.

13) Their boss always shouts … them.

14) He longs … serious relationship.

15) I dedicate this song … you all!

16) Nobody knows what he’s searching …

17) The car crashed … the tree.

18) This teacher is going to substitute … me during the vacation.

19) They’re elaborating … this plan.

20) I don’t understand why she was staring … me.

3. Fill in the gaps (verb+object+preposition)

1) You remind me … a princess.

2) Don’t blame me … your own mistakes.

3) I’ve always shared all my best memories … you.

4) I want to thank you … you support.

5) Will you translate this … Chinese?

6) They will definitely praise you … your contribution.

7) Do you suspect me … this crime?

8) If I don’t prevent you … this, nobody will.

9) If you share this secret … me, nobody will know.

10) They sentenced him … 150 hours community service.

4. Let’s discuss.

a) Answer the questions

1) What do you disapprove of?

2) Have you ever dedicated a poem or a song to anyone?

3) To what extent do you depend on other people’s opinion?

4) What do you think are the best spheres to invest in?

5) What do you specialize in?

6) Do you tend to express your point of view freely when you object to something?

7) Who do you turn to when you have problems?

8) What do you long for?

9) Can you listen to other people talking for a long time?

10) Has anyone ever hindered you from something?

b) Remember the time when you

  • apologized for something;
  • had to adjust to some new conditions;
  • applied for a job;
  • recovered from an illness;
  • benefited from some activity;
  • participated in an exciting event;
  • argued with someone about something;
  • had to concentrate on a task for a long time;
  • laughed at something for a long time;
  • competed with someone;
  • experimented on something;
  • shouted at someone;
  • voted for a candidate;
  • succeeded in something really hard;
  • waited for someone for a long time;
  • congratulated someone on something;
  • translated something into another language;
  • forgave someone for something;
  • managed to reassure someone of something;
  • advised someone on something.

Translation of some verbs

account for – объяснять что-л.

add to – усиливать что-л.

adjust to – приспосабливаться к чему-л.

benefit from – извлекать выгоду из чего-л.

cater for – удовлетворять, угождать, предусматривать

elaborate on – подробно разобрать, рассмотреть что-л.

emerge from – проистекать, появляться из

grumble about -ворчать по поводу чего-л.

hint at – намекать на что-л.

interfere with / in – вмешиваться во что-л.

long for – страстно желать чего-л.

object   to – возражать против чего-л.

refer to – ссылаться на что-л., упоминать что-л., иметь отношение к чему-л.

substitute for – служить заменой чему-л.

see to – разобраться в чем-л., позаботиться о чем-л.

stare at – пристально смотреть на что-л.

stem     from – проистекать их чего-л.

acquit smb of smth – оправдывать кого-л. в чем-л.

deprive smb of smth – лишить кого-л. чего-л.

derive smth from smth – получать, извлекать что-л. из чего-л.

deter smb from smth/Ving – удерживать, останавливать кого-л от чего-л.

reassure smb of smth – убеждать кого-л. в чем-л.

realease smb from smth – освободить кого-л. от чего-л.

rescue smb from from smth – спасти кого-л. от чего-л.

rid smb of smth – избавить кого-л. от чего-л.

remind smb of smth – напомнить кому-л. о чем-л.

rob smb of smth – лишать кого-л. чего-л.

sentence smb to smth – приговорить кого-л. к чему-л.

subject smb to smth – подвергать кого-л. чему-л.

supply smb with smth – обеспечивать кого-л. чем-л.

suspect smb of smt – заподозрить кого-л. в чем-л.