1. as sound as a dollar – very secure and dependable
  2. at all costs – at any expense of time or effort or money
  3. back on one`s feet – to return to good financial health
  4. to bet on the wrong horse – to base one`s plans on a wrong guess about the results of something
  5. beyond one’s means – more than one can afford
  6. to born with a silver spoon in one`s mouth – to be born to wealth and comfort, to be born rich
  7. to break the bank – to win all the money at a casino gambling table, to use all of one’s money
  8. easy money – money that you do not need to work hard to get
  9. for a song – at a low price, cheaply
  10. from rags to riches – from poverty to wealth
  11. to get one’s money’s worth – to get everything (or even a little more) that one has paid for
  12. to go broke – to lose all of one`s money, to become bankrupt
  13. to be hard up – to not have much money
  14. to have money to burn – to have very much money, to have more money than is needed
  15. to keep books – to keep records of money that is earned and spent
  16. live beyond one’s means – to spend more money than you can afford
  17. live from hand to mouth – to live on little money
  18. make a living – to earn enough money to live
  19. make ends meet – to have enough money to pay one`s bills and other expenses
  20. tighten one`s belt – to live on less money than usual

(based on the materials from http://www.idiomconnection.com/money.html)