Mixed Conditionals include the verb forms from two different conditional patterns.

a) If + Conditional 2,  Conditional 3

If + Past Simple, would/wouldn’t + have + V3 (the imaginary condition is general-refers to the present, while the imaginary situation-the result in the main clause- refers to the past)

If I lived in another city, I would have started this business long ago.

If it were so easy, I would have entered this university without any problems.

b) If + Conditional 3, Conditional 2

If + Past Perfect, would/wouldn’t + V1 (the imaginary condition is in the past, while the result in the main clause refers the present)

If I had worked harder, I’d have a better job now.

I’d know it now if I had checked it beforehand.

If Fleming hadn’t discovered penicillin, there would be far more fatalities every year.


Open the brackets

a) If + Past Simple, would/wouldn’t + have + V3

1)If I (not be afraid) of height, I (jump) with a parachute yesterday.

2) If he (trust) you, he (follow) your advice.

3) He (be accepted) if he (be) more talented.

4) If she (respect) you more, she (not leave).

5) If we (live) in the same city, we (meet) at that concert.

6) If I (be) you, I (not travel) there alone.

7) You (not call) him if you (be) wiser.

8) If I (have) your phone number, I (call) you last week.

9) If he (speak) Japanese, he (interpret) for you at the conference.

10) If she (have) a child, she (go) to that party.

b) If + Past Perfect, would/wouldn’t + V1

1) She (go) out with him tonight if he (not text) so much the night before.

2) If you (help) her out, you (get) on now.

3) If I (not party) yesterday, I (not be) so tired now.

4) If you (invest) in that business, you (have) much profit now.

5) You (not be) so happy now if you (not divorce) your husband.

6) We (not know) each other if we (attend) that course.

7) We (work) there if we (apply) before.

8) If he (plan) better, he (be) successful.

9) I (not ask) if you (tell) me before.

10) She (be) fitter if she (start) that yoga program last year.