1. Watch the video and answer the questions


(first 5-7 minutes)

  1. Why did the sculpture by Sophie Ryder have to be moved?
  2. How many times per day do we check our devices, according to the statistics?
  3. What did the speaker do 2 years ago? What made her do it?
  4. What is the scientific explanation of the mobile phone addiction?
  5. What can help to get rid of the addiction?


2. Watch the video and comment on these rules

  • Use a 10 foot buffer
  • Avoid personal topics in public
  • Be mindful of your tone
  • Lose the bad ringtone
  • Keep your phone on mute
  • Protect your information (use vpn)
  • Think before you text
  • Ask before using speaker phone
  • Don’t share without permission
  • Don’t cast blame for a dropped call
  • Don’t be a light house
  • Don’t text and drive