If + Past Simple, would/wouldn’t + V1

Conditional 2 is used to talk about imaginary situations in the present/future.

E.g.  If I had some free time now, I’d go to the gym.(I don’t have any free time now).

You’d know more if you studied more.

If you didn’t live so far, we’d meet every day.

Would you marry him if he proposed?


a) If + I, he, she, it + were

E.g. If she were less stubborn, she would accept our offer.

If I were you… is used for giving advice:

If I were you, I’d try my luck.

b) We can use ‘might’ and ‘could’ instead of ‘would’

If we lived in the countryside, we could go horse-riding.

If you went to Paris, you might like it.

c) We can use Past Continuous instead of Past Simple in an ‘if-clause’

If we were skating now, it would be much better.

d) We can use ‘would be Ving’ instead of ‘would V1’ to emphasize the moment

If she liked her job, she wouldn’t be looking for a new one.

e) We can use the construction If it were not for to explain why something is happening/not happening

If it were not for you, I wouldn’t know these fantastic people.

If it were not for the rain, we would go cycling.


1. Choose the right forms of the verbs in brackets (If + Past Simple, would/wouldn’t + V1).

1) I (change) the job if I (find) something better.

2) I (call) the police if burglars (enter) my house.

3) If she (go) to bed earlier, she (feel) better during the day.

4) If you (exercise) more, you (lose) weight.

5) They (swim) a lot if they (live) by the sea.

6) We (go) to exhibitions more if we (live) in Moscow.

7) If it (fit), I (buy) the dress.

8) If you (try) harder, you (find) the job more quickly.

9) You (succeed) if you (not find) excuses all the time.

10) If you (follow) my advice, you (make) fewer mistakes.

11) If he (not be) your friend, I (trust) him.

12) If I (can) play the guitar, I (perform) at local concerts.

13) She (learn) French more easily if she (live) in Spain.

14) We (swim) if the water (not be) so cold.

15) I (exercise) more if I (not be) so lazy.

16) If you (not be) so tired, we (can) dance.

17) We definitely (go) to Machu Picchu if we (go) to Peru.

18) I (call) you if I (not be) busy.

19) They (open) a new branch here if this area (not be) so quiet.

20) I (shop) here if the shop assistants (not be) so insistent.

2.Practice asking questions:

1) You (scream) if you (see) a ghost?

2) If The Beatles (be) alive, you (go) to their concert?

3) You (visit) Gaspra Swallows Nest if you (go) to Crimea?

4) You (try) sushi if you (go) to Japan?

5) Your best friend (help) you if you (ask)?

6) If you (can), you (jump) with a parachute?

7) If a person in the street (ask) for help, you (help) him?

8) If you (be) invited to Oscar Awards ceremony, you (go)?

9) You (become) a pilot if you (can)?

10) You (go) to the outer space if you (have) a chance?

Answer the questions

3.Use ‘might’ and ‘could’ instead of ‘would’

1)She (may) become a star if she (learn) to dance.

2) If we (have) an opportunity, we (can) program this application better.

3) I (can) answer this question if I (know) more about robot software.

4) I (can) solve the global problems if I (be) a superman.

5) If I (have) more money, I (can) fly to Madrid.

4.Write Conditional 2 sentences for the following situations:

E.g. You can’t meet your friend now because you are busy.- If I weren’t busy, I’d meet my friend.

1) You can’t help your friend with Maths because you aren’t good at it.

2) Bill wants a dog. He’d love to play with it and walk it every day.

3) Emilie drinks too much coffee, that’s why she sleeps badly at night.

4) You don’t drive to the office because there’s too much traffic.

5) You can’t go on holiday because you have too much work.

6) Your friend wants to start a new business but he doesn’t have enough employees yet.

7) Matthew doesn’t speak Japanese that’s why he doesn’t apply for a good job in Tokyo.

8) Tim wants to compete at Football Championship but he’s unwell now.

9) Eddie wastes too much time playing computer games that’s why he doesn’t pass exams.

10) You don’t like the conditions, that’s why you don’t apply for this job.

5.Use Conditional 2 with Continuous form

1) If they (dance) better, I would join them.

2) I he (not give) the lecture so monotonously, I would be following him.

3) If you (sing) this song, the voice wouldn’t be so shrill.

4) If I (deliver) this speech, it wouldn’t be so dull.

5) If he (listen)to the lecture instead of talking to the guys, he would understand the topic.

6.Give advice using ‘If I were you’

If I were you…., I would…

E.g. – I have an exam tomorrow and I know very little.

– If I were you, I would study all night!

1) I’ve put on some weight.

2) I’m invited to the party at the weekend but I don’t know what to wear.

3) I adore playing volleyball but I’m quite bad at it.

4) I have a splitting headache but I need to work.

5) I don’t know which present to buy for my little niece.

6) I got two job offers and I like both of them.

7) The waiter brought me the wrong bill.

8) The shop charged me extra money.

9) There is too much salt in my soup.

10) I was robbed!

7.Use the construction ‘If it were not for’’

1)It rains a lot here, that’s why you don’t live here.

2) The boss is too rude, that’s why you don’t work here.

3) The food is unhealthy at this restaurant, that’s why you don’t dine here.

4) Dresses are bad quality here, that’s why you don’t buy clothes here.

5) It’s too far away, that’s why you don’t rent a flat here.

8.Answer the questions

What would you do if..

1) – you had a free day today?

2) – you got lost in the jungle?

3) – if you won a million dollars?

4) – if you were at a flamenco party?

5) – you were the president of Russia?

6) – you forgot your speech at a presentation?

7) – you lived in the countryside?

8) – you owned an international company?

9) – you had an insomnia?

10) – you had supernatural abilities?

9. Answer the questions

1)If you met your favourite writer/actor/other celebrity, what would you say/ask?

2) If you could go on holiday anywhere, where would you go?

3) If you could get any education for free, would you study anything new?

4) If you could learn any other language, which language would you learn?

5) If you wrote a book, what would it be like?

6) If you built your own house, what would it be like?

7) If you learnt to play a musical instrument, what would it be?

8) If you were on Titanic, would you let the disabled to the lifeboats first?

9) If you were rich, would you do charity work?

10) If you were in India, would you try yoga?

10. What are they dreaming of?

E.g. If he/she + V2, he/she/it would be happy!