To afford, to borrow, to buy, to charge smb. (for), to cost, to gamble, to inherit, to invest, to lend, to owe smb., to pay back, to save, to sell, to spend (on), to waste, to withdraw


a bank account, cash, a credit card, currency, debt, expenses, income, interest rate, a loan, a mortgage, a moneybox, a note, a salary, taxes


things: cheap, free, incredibly expensive, inexpensive, reasonably priced, quite expensive, very expensive

people: extravagant, frugal


To blow money, can’t afford (to buy), to cost a fortune, to pay by credit card, to pay in cash


‘To be poor/ to be in need/ not to have enough money’:

to be broke, skint (to have no money)

to be a bit tight, strapped for cash, hard up(not to have enough money)

to make ends meet, live from hand to mouth

‘To be rich, wealthy/ to have enough or much money’:

to have money to burn

to roll in money


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