Transitive (all)

  • bring about – ​to make smth happen, cause smth to happen

Moving abroad brought about a lot of changes in his lifestyle.

  • bring along – to take smb or smth with you (+over)

Can you bring along some snacks?

  • bring smb round (UK)/around (US) – 1) to make smb become conscious again after being unconscious

They gave him a sniff of ammonia to bring him around.

2) to persuade someone to have the same opinion as you have

I admire your power of persuasion. You managed to bring the board of directors around to your point of view.

  • bring back – 1) ​to return somebody/something

Please, bring me back the book I gave you.

​2) to make smb remember smth again

The song brought back the happy memories.

3) to make something that existed before be introduced again

The majority were in favour of bringing back the ban on smoking.

  • bring down -1) to reduce the level of something

They’ve brought down the price of smartphones.

​2) to make smb lose power or be defeated

The aim of the demonstrations was to bring down the government.

  • bring forward – 1) to suggest something for discussion

A few perspective ideas were brought forward at the meeting.

2) to move something to an earlier date or time

The meeting was brought forward from Wednesday to Tuesday.

  • bring in – 1) to ask somebody to do a particular job or to be involved in something

Experts were brought in to deal with the problem.

2) to introduce a new law

They are bringing in new restrictions.

  • bring off – to succeed in doing something difficult

We were blissfully happy after bringing off this hard task.

  • bring smth on smb – to be responsible for something unpleasant that happens to you/somebody

She was the one who brought all the misery on herself. She can’t blame anyone else.

  • bring out – 1) to make something appear

Hard times sometimes bring out the best in people.

2) to make something easy to see or understand

This hat really brings out the colour of your eyes.

3) to produce something; to publish something

The singer brought out her first album last year.

  • bring together – ​to help two people or groups to end a disagreement

A common interest in music brought them together.

  • bring up – to care for a child, teaching him or her how to behave, etc.

He was brought up by his grandparents.