1. Strange laws that still exist (B2)

Watch and answer the questions 

In which country is it illegal…

  1. to be drunk in a pub?
  2. to wear a suit of armour in Parliament?
  3. to handle a salmon in suspicious circumstances?
  4. to eat a swan?
  5. to allow your pet donkey to sleep in the bathtub?
  6. to let your chicken cross the road?
  7. to work at the same company as your twin brother or sister?
  8. to live in a dog kennel unless you have four legs and a tail?
  9. for women to have false teeth without a permission form their husband?
  10. to name your pet pig Napoleon?
  11. to leave your house without wearing underwear?
  12. to be fat?
  13. to reincarnate without a specific government permission?
  14. to forget your wife’s birthday?
  15. to disrupt a wedding?