Future Simple


1.On-the-spot spontaneous decisions (at the moment of speaking), unplanned actions:

I’m so hungry! I’ll have dinner.

The doorbell rings. I’ll go and open the door.

2.Promises, offers (Shall I …?/I’ll), suggestions (Shall we..?), requests (Will you…?), refusals

I promise I won’t let you down.

Shall I close the door?

Shall we meet tonight?

Will you give me a hand?

I won’t go there!

3.Generals predictions about the future (with no evidence – we don’t have proofs) based on what we think or believe:

We use I think, Maybe, Perhaps, Probably, Possibly, I hope, I expect etc.

I think people will use food 3D printers in 50 years.

I expect we will invent a cure for cancer in the nearest future.

+Actions in the future we are not sure about, possible actions

We use I think, Maybe, I hope, Perhaps etc.

Maybe I’ll go the concert tomorrow but I’m not sure.

4.Objective truth , a fact about the future

It will be our first meeting in 10 years!

Tomorrow will be their 30th wedding anniversary!

be going to + V1

1.Plans and intentions in the future:

We’re going to play volleyball today. 

She’s going to watch a comedy tonight.

2.Predictions about the future based on evidence (what we see) or on what we know:

Look at those clouds! It’s going to rain.    


She’s so fast! She’s going to win.

Present Continuous

Am/is/are +Ving

Future arrangements

Tomorrow at 7 we’re having a meeting.

I’m having an interview at 5.

Present Simple

V1/ V1+s(he,she,it)

Timetables, schedules

The train arrives at 5 p.m.

The class starts at 3 p.m.