Adj + of  

Adj + with 

Adj + to 

Adj + in 

afraid of

ashamed of

aware of

(in)capable of

characteristic of

devoid of

fond of

full of

guilty of

jealous of

proud of

reminiscent of

scared of

short of

sure of

terrified of

typical of

worthy of

associated with

bored with

busy with

content with

conversant with

crowded with

fed up with

fraught with

pleased with

popular with

riddled with

satisfied with

wrong with

accustomed to

addicted to

conductive to

friendly to

harmful to

impervious to

kind to

married to

obedient to

obvious to

opposed to

prone to

related to

relevant to 

rude to

similar to

subject to

superior to

deficient in

inherent in

interested in

involved in

lacking in

skilled in

successful in


Adj + for

Adj + about

eager for

famous for

good for

known for

responsible for

sufficient for

suitable for

curious about

excited about

worried about

Other prepositions

good/bad at (skills)

inclined towards

incumbent upon

Optional prepositions

amazed at/by

confident of/about

different to/from

disgusted with/at

impressed with/by

oriented at/to

shocked at/by

surprised at/by

Confusing prepositions

Angry, annoyed, furious

at/ about smth (the cause of this feeling)

 with smb (the person who caused the feeling)


about – to feel nervous/worried about smth

forto be waiting impatiently for something


for (purpose)

to smb


about – worried about

with – involved in


with smth/smb

 in  smb

 (also possible: about/by/at)


in – working in/involved in

to – promised to marry


for smth

to smb


by (producer)

for (purpose)

from (material)


about smth

for smb


about/by/over smth

with smb


1.Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions.

1) ‘My mom can teach you to make this soup. She’s very good … cooking.’

2) ‘Why are you afraid … the dog? It doesn’t bite, I’m telling you.’

3) ‘I’m so bored … this film. Shall we watch another?’

4) ‘She’ll love this present, she’s fond … reading.’

5) ‘Don’t pay attention to her. She’s just jealous … your luck’.

6) ‘When are you going to stop throwing your socks around?! I’m fed up … it, seriously!’

7) ‘What’s wrong … you?! Stop talking to yourself!’

8) ‘I was shocked … the noise at the concert!’

9) ‘Aren’t you ashamed … what you’ve done?!’

10) ‘You are constantly watching your football! Aren’t you interested … me at all?!’

11) ‘You shouldn’t be rude … her! She’s you sister!’

12) ‘Isn’t it obvious … you? He’s flirting with your girlfriend!’

13) ‘Remember, your success in this company is directly related … your communication skills.’

14) You’ve won!!! I’m so proud … you! ’

15) ‘Why are you so worried … this exam? You’re well-prepared, relax!’

Read these quotes again. Make background stories for them. Think of who could have said this and in which situations.

2.Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions (h/w, Art and culture)

1) Frida Khalo is famous … her self-portraits.

2) Hip-hop music is mostly popular … teenagers.

3) ‘Jane Eyre’ quickly became popular as it was different … traditional novels of those times.

4) Ivan Aivazovsky is well-known … his seascapes.

5) Festivity is very typical … the Spanish culture.

6) Russian literature is often associated … the idea of sacrifice and suffering.

7) Anna Akhmatova’s poetry is full … sentiment.

8) John Fawles’ novels are riddled … allusions.

9) The film ‘Braveheart’ was subject … a lot of criticism for historical inaccuracy.

10) Researchers claim that Ivan Bunin’s literary style is similar … that of Alexander Kuprin.

3.Decide is these sentences are correct or not. Correct the wrong ones.

1) My uncle is very good in drawing.

2) Who is responsible for handling these calls?

3) She’s very confident at her qualifications and skills. She’s going to get this job.

4) I was so impressed at this exhibition that I went there twice.

5) His parents have always been so kind to me that they’ve truly become my second family.

6) My best friend is married with my brother.

7) I don’t think this speech is suitable in the occasion.

8) The whole class was involved at this activity.

9) I’m sure this environment is harmful to you.

10) I’m not accustomed for such celebrations.

11) I’m short in money these days, so I can’t afford it now.

12) You are prone to self-reflection, you should relax more and think less.

13) I’m so excited of the party! I can’t wait!

14) Believe me, you are not guilty at what happened. He’s the one who should be ashamed of his behavior.

15) Tom is addicted with video games.

4.Insert the right preposition (confusing prepositions)

1)a) I’m so sorry … you. You don’t deserve it.

b)I’m sorry … it. I promise it won’t happen again.

2) The trainers are made … Nike … genuine leather.

3) a) The property is available … use.

b) Unfortunately, the devise is currently available only … a small group of people.

4) I’m not angry … you! I’m angry … what happened.

5) a) I’m anxious … the exam.

b) She’s anxious … the party.

5.Name something you are

    • fond of
    • interested in
    • skilled in
    • successful in
    • afraid of
    • good at
    • excited about
    • worried about
    • fed up with
    • responsible for
    • ashamed of
    • bored with
    • busy with
    • content with
    • curious about