150–225 words

20 min

1) Reading an academic passage about 300 words long

3 minutes to read it

About 4 paragraphs

2) Listening to an extract from a lecture on the same topic as that of the reading passage. The lecture agrees or disagrees with the passage.

You cannot listen to the audio again

About 2 minutes to listen

3) Writing

About 150–225 words

20 minutes 

Summarizing the points made in the lecture and explaining how they comment on the reading passage.

Don’t express your opinion!


Paragraph 1:  Introduction

Introducing the reading and lecture, stating that the professor disagrees.

The reading states that … and provides … reasons. However, the professor opposes this argument and refutes each of the points made in the reading.

Paragraph 2:  Argument 1

Discussing the first point made in the reading.

First, the reading states/claims that … It shows how …

The professor disagrees with this argument by saying that …

Paragraph 3: Argument 2

Introducing the second point and showing how the professor opposes this idea.

Secondly, the reading argues that … The professor opposes this idea. He believes that …

Paragraph 4: Argument 3

Outlining the final point from the reading and the professor’s arguments against it.

Thirdly, the reading states that … The professor refutes this idea. He argues that …

Paragraph 5: Conclusion (optional!!!)

A conclusion summarizing all your ideas.

In conclusion, the reading describes how …

The professor opposes these arguments stating that …

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