To feel slightly sick

A heavy snow

To be in charge of smth, to put smb. in charge of

To wipe one’s nose

Absolute silence

To dare to tame the wildest creatures on Earth

A test of courage and skill at burglary

To spit solemnly into the snow

To swallow hard

To happen to know considerably more about…

To be fascinated by

To watch in secret

To seem concerned

To laugh heartily

To run like thunder

To linger

To put into immediate exile

A serviceable beast

To stand to attention

To blow the horn

Reporting verbs

To groan

To sneer

To roar

To mutter

To command

To chatter

To boast

To sneer

To yell


A geek

A nerd


  1. Complete the texts with the following words and expressions
  • fascinated, useless, Dragon Initiation Program, feeling slightly sick, happened to know considerably more , watching in secret, put in charge of

That morning Hiccup was 1)… as he was going to take part in 2)…  He was 3)… the team as he was the son of the Chief, although nobody believed in him and considered him to be 4)…

Hiccup wasn’t an average Viking. He 5)… about dragons than anybody else there. Ever since he was a small boy, he’d been 6)… by the creatures. He’d spent hour after long hour dragon 7)….

  • laughing heartily at, giant, put into immediate exile, dare to tame the wildest creatures on Earth, screaming

Gobber the Belch was a seven-foot muscular 1)… who didn’t make noises quieter than 2)…. He was with a mad glint in his one working eye and a beard like exploding fireworks. He said it was only the VIKING HEROES who 3)… He had a habit of 4)… his own jokes. He instructed everyone that if they failed, they would be 5)…

  1. Who said or thought this and in which circumstances?

1) ‘This will be your first military operation, and Hiccup will be commanding the team.’

2) ‘Even Fishlegs would be better than Hiccup.’

3) ‘The next boy to speak has limpets for lunch for the next THREE WEEKS!’


5) ‘Probably? Oh, well, that’s reassuring.’

6) ‘I am too large to squeeze my way into the tunnels that lead to the Dragon Nursery.’

7) ‘HIC-CUP? If he’s as useless at this as he is at Bashyball, we’ll be lucky if he even gets one of the Basic Browns.’


Vocabulary with translation

To feel slightly sick – чувствовать себя больным/чувствовать тошноту

A heavy snow – сильный снег

To be in charge of smth, to put smb. in charge of – быть предводителем, назначить предводителем

To wipe one’s nose  – утереть нос

Absolute silence – абсолютная тишина

To dare to tame the wildest creatures on Earth – осмелиться приручить дичайших существ на земле

A test of courage and skill at burglary – испытание на храбрость и умение красть

To spit solemnly into the snow – торжественно плюнуть в снег

To swallow hard – тяжело проглотить слюну

To happen to know considerably more about… – как оказалось, знать намного больше о

To be fascinated by – быть очарованным

To watch in secret – тайно наблюдать

To seem concerned – казаться обеспокоенным

To laugh heartily – сердечно рассмеяться

To run like thunder – нестись пулей

To linger – задерживаться

To put into immediate exile – незамедлительно отправить в изгнание

A serviceable beast – чудища, пригодные для использования

To stand to attentionвстать по стойке «смирно»

To blow the horn – трубить в рог

Reporting verbs

To groan – стонать

To sneer – усмехнуться

To roar – прореветь

To mutter – пробормотать

To command – скомандовать

To chatter – болтать

To boast – похвастаться

To yell – прокричать


A geek – чудак

A nerd – «ботаник»