We use Present Continuous to talk about

1) Actions happening now, at the moment of speaking

We’re sitting and talking.

2) Actions happening around now

I’m now living with my parents.

am/is/are + Ving


I’m having a lesson.

You’re making dinner.

She’s playing tennis.

The woman is wearing a red dress.

The men are watching football.

We’re singing.

They’re buying a car.

Negative (-)

am not/isn’t/aren’t + Ving

I’m not walking.

You’re not (aren’t) cooking.

She isn’t dancing.

Question (?)

Yes/No (General) question

am/is/are + Subject + Ving

Is she wearing a red dress?-Yes, she is./No, she isn’t.

Are they watching football?- Yes, they are./ No, they aren’t

Special question

Question word + am/is/are + Subject + Ving

What is the woman wearing?

Where are they playing?


Now, at the moment, 

Listen! Look!


1.drop e (at the end of the verb)

live – living

dance – dancing

2. 1 vowel + 1 consonant *2
stop – stopping

plan – planning

3.y+ing (doesn’t change)



4. ie-> y+ing

die – dying

lie – lying