If + Past Perfect, would/wouldn’t + have+V3

Conditional 2 is used to talk about imaginary situations in the past (e.g. to express a lucky situation in the past or, on the contrary, to express regret).

E.g.  If I hadn’t applied for this course, I wouldn’t have met you (but I applied for it – a lucky situation!).

If I had studied more, I would have passed the exam (but I didn’t study enough – regret).

Would you have believed me if I had told you the truth?


1.The contracted form for ‘had’ and ‘would’ is ‘d

If I’d (had) followed your advice, I’d (would) have accepted the invitation.

2.We can use could or might instead of would to express ability or probability respectively:

If they had trained more, they could have won.

If he hadn’t dropped out, he might have become a doctor.

3.We can use Past Perfect Continuous instead of Past Perfect to express a continuous action

If you had been looking where you were going, you wouldn’t have walked into the wall (criticism).


  1. Open the brackets.

1) If we (take) the guidebook with us, we (enjoy) the trip more.

2) You (not get sunburnt) if you (use) the sun cream.

3) If we (take) the bus, we (arrive) on time.

4) She (understand) everything if you (explain) better.

5) If it (not rain), we (go) cycling.

6) She (enjoy) the concert more if her favourite band (play) more.

7) If you (phone) me, I (join) you.

8) If the police (come) earlier, they (arrest) the burglar.

9) We (stay) longer if we (catch) a cold.

10) He (not protest) if they (make) a better presentation.

  1. Mark the sentences correct or incorrect

1) Would you accept the invitation if you had been free?

2) I’d have told you this if I’d known.

3) If you’d phoned me, I’d have known you were there.  

4) If I hadn’t forgotten his number, I would phone him.

5) If she’d enter the musical school, she’d have become a musician,

6) We’d have arranged it all if we hadn’t had so many things to do.

7) I’d arrange it if you had informed me.

8) We’d contact you if you had sent an e-mail.

9) Ann wouldn’t have made this mistake if she’d learnt the rules.

10) Would you have come if I’d asked you to?

  1. Make Conditional 3 for the following situations.

1) He didn’t book the ticket beforehand, so he didn’t get on the train.

2) He spent all the money, so he couldn’t afford the concert.

3) She parked the car far away, so she had to take a taxi.

4) She didn’t call the producer, so they didn’t make a reservation for her.

5) I didn’t know the answer, so I kept silent.

6) They didn’t follow the recipe, that’s why the dish was overcooked.

7) We didn’t study the map, that’s why we got lost.

8) She didn’t finish the report on time. Therefore, she had to work overtime.

9) He left the wallet at home, so he asked his friends to pay for him.

10) She was packing things in a rush, so she left her dress at home.