Reading, 2019 (updated* – changes to the exam format, August, 2019)

3-4 passages to read (1 experimental – not graded) 

10 questions to a reading passage

54-74 min (depending on whether there  is ungraded ‘experimental reading passage’)

Question types

Note! ‘Fill in a table’ and ‘pronoun reference’ questions have not been used much by ETS over the past two years.  It is unlikely that you will get one of these on the new test (

Some information is taken from

The examples are taken from Pamela Sharpe Barron’s TOEFL iBT, 14th Edition. – 2013.

1. Inference Question

2. Vocabulary Question

3. Reference Question

4. Purpose Question

5. Detail (Fact) Question

6. Negative Factual Information Question

7. Essential Information (Sentence Simplification) Question

8. Sentence Insertion (Insert Text) Question

9. Complete the Summary (Prose Summary) Question

Sample texts