If/unless + Present Simple, will/won’t + V1

Conditional 1 is used to talk about real or possible situations in the future.

E.g.  If I have some free time, I’ll call you.

If she wins, she’ll be the happiest person on earth.

If I don’t understand something, I’ll ask.

We won’t go hiking if it rains.

Unless= if not

You won’t succeed unless you work hard.

She won’t come to the party unless she changes her mind.

*Other conjunctions: provided that, providing, as long as


a)We can use the imperative in the main clause:

Let me know if you don’t get the e-mail.

b)We can use modal verbs instead of ‘will’:

If you pay for the membership, you can also use the swimming-pool.

If you show him your painting, he might like it.

I may come to the conference if I’m not busy.

c) We can use ‘to be going to’ instead of ‘will’:

If I earn enough this month, I’m going to buy a car.

d) We can use Present Perfect instead of Present Simple in an ‘if-clause’

If you have finished by that time, I’ll pick you up.

Future time clauses

when, as soon as, until, before, after +Present Simple, will/won’t + V1

When the spring comes, I’ll start going to the gym.

I’ll inform you as soon as I get some update.


1.Open the brackets using the right forms of the verbs.

1) If I (be) late again, my boss (get) very angry.

2) She (appreciate) it if you (bring) her flowers.

3) (you, call) me if you (finish) earlier?

4) Your father (be) very proud of you if you (win).

5) If she (not follow) your advice, she (regret).

6) You (not be) clever enough if you (not read) books.

7) If it (snow) tomorrow, we (go) skiing?

8) If I (not be) busy, I (help) you.

9) (Send) me this photo if you (find) it.

10) If I (miss) the plane, it (be) a disaster.

2.These sentences are about superstitions around the world. Open the brackets using the right forms.

1)In Mexico if you (place) two mirrors opposite each other, it (open) a doorway for the devil.

2)The British believe that it (sever) a relationship if you (give) something sharp as a present. So, the receiver should give the person a coin in return.

3)In Lithuania it is believed that if you (whistle) indoors, you (call) demons.

4)In Germany if you (clink) glasses with water, you (wish) death upon people you’re drinking with. The idea stems from Greek mythology.

5)According to Japanese superstition, if one (sleep) with his head in to the north, he (have) bad luck because that’s how the dead are laid to rest.

6)In Turkey if your right hand (be) itchy, you (come) into some money. However, if your left hand (be) itchy, you (lose) money.

7)According to a Russian superstition, if bird poop (land) on you, it (bring) you wealth.

8)There’s an Egyptian superstition that if a person (see) or (hear) an owl, terrible news (follow).

9)In Iceland people believe that if you (knit) outside the house, it (prolong) winter.

10)In Portugal if you (walk) backwards, you (have) bad luck. The common belief is that if you do, you’re showing the devil which way you’re going.

3.Answer the questions

What will you do if…

  • it’s sunny at the weekend?
  • you have a lot of free time this week?
  • you are in a very good mood tonight?
  • you get a lot of money?
  • you see an old friend you haven’t seen for ages?
  • you get a promotion at work?

4.Continue the sentences

  • I’ll go on holiday as soon as…
  • After the lesson finishes I’ll…
  • I’ll retire when …
  • I’ll get married when…
  • I will be very happy if…