– Come in, take a seat, please.
– Good afternoon, doctor.
– Any complaints?
– I don’t feel very well. I’ve had an awful headache for 2 days already. Besides I’ve got a sore throat.
– Have you got a high temperature?
– I took my temperature this morning. It was 37.
– Are you coughing much?
– A little bit and I feel pain when I talk and swallow.
– I will examine your throat and listen to your lungs now… Please, strip to the waist. Now take a deep breath. OK. You can breathe out. And now I want you to cough. Well, it is a throat infection. Lungs are not damaged. I’ll prescribe some pills which you should take twice a day, in the morning and in the evening after meals. You should also take cough syrup, 3 teaspoonfuls a day will be enough. And don’t drink any cold liquids.
– All right. Is that all?
– Yes, if you follow my directions, you’ll avoid any complications and feel much better in a couple of days. However if the symptoms do not disappear by Thursday, you should come and see me again. Get well. Here is your prescription. Shall I write out a sick note?
– Yes, thank you.
– Here it is.
– Good-bye.

– Good-bye!