Making 5 questions

Maximum score – 5

Preparation -1,5 minutes, each question – 20 seconds

Typical questions

  1. Location

Where is …  located/situated?

Where can I find …?

  1. Directions

How can I get to …?

What is the best way to get to …?

  1. Distancefrom the city center

How far is … from the city center?

  1. Duration / length 

How long is/are (the)…?

How long does/do … last?

  1. Opening hours / hours of operation / working hours

What are the opening hours of …?

When does … open?

What are the working hours of ….?

  1. Price

What is the price of …?

How much is/are …?

How much does/do … cost?  


What’s the price of the room/rooms?

How much is the room/are the rooms?

How much + does/ do + S + cost?

How much does the room cost? How much do the rooms cost?

  1. Discounts

Are there any discounts (for) …?

Is it possible to get any discounts?

Are discounts (for) …. available?

  1. Special offers

Are there any special offers (available)?

Do you provide any special offers?

What special offers do you provide?

  1. Entrancefee / tuition fee 

What is the entrance fee? / What is the tuition fee?

How much is/are …?

How much does/do … cost?

  1. Number

How many … are there?

  1. Size

What’s the size of ..?

How big is … /are …?

  1. Beginning

When does … start / begin?

  1. Availability of something– доступность чего-либо

Is/are …  available?

Do you offer …? 

  1. Facilities

What facilities do you offer?

What facilities are available / provided?

What facilities does the hotel provide? 

  1. Possible accommodation

What kind of accommodation do you offer?

  1. Onlinereservation /advance booking 

Can I book tickets in advance?

Can I make a reservation online?

Is it possible to make a reservation online?

  1. Ifis included 

Is … included in the price?

  1. Available kinds of paymentWhat kinds of payment are available / possible?

Can I pay in cash (in dollars, in Euros, in roubles)?

Can I pay by credit card / by check?

  1. Creditcardacceptance 

Can I pay by credit card?

Is it possible to pay by credit card?

Do you accept credit cards?

  1. Cancellation

Is cancellation possible?

Can I cancel the order?

Is it possible to cancel the order?

How can I cancel the order?

  1. Refund

Can I get a refund?

Is it possible to get a refund?

  1. Permission/Prohibition

Is … allowed /permitted?

Is it allowed /permitted to…?

Can I …?

  1. Age restriction / minimum age limit

What is the age limit?

Is there any age restriction?