A campus situation topic

Reading: 45 seconds

Listening: 60 seconds

Preparation: 30 seconds

Response: 60 seconds


The texts presents a campus announcement, an article in a campus newspaper or a letter published in a campus newspaper (75–100 words). It describes a current change or proposes a change.  There are two reasons explaining why the change will/should be made.

A change is related to

  • a university policy;
  • the requirements of a class or major;
  • a university facility or the introduction of a new facility.


Speaking – summarizing the speaker’s opinion within the context of the reading passage.



Summary of Reading
According to the article, …

Stating reasons from the reading
This is because …, and 

Switching to listening – expressing the speaker’s viewpoint
There are two reasons why the man opposes this.

Stating the first reason
First of all, he argues that …

Second the second reason
Moreover, he believes that