8 diphthongs


a (open syllable): name, game

ai, ay: train, stay

e + igh: eight, weight, sleigh, but: height [hait]

ey: they, grey

! (rarely) ea: break, great, steak


i, y (open syllable): bike, final, my, sky, type

i +gh/i + ght: high, flight, might

i + nd: kind, blind

i+ ld: mild, child

ie (some words): lie, pie

more examples: eye, dye, guy,


ear, eer (in most cases): ear, hear, fear, beer

ere: here, sphere

more examples: fierce, serious

[eə]/ [ɛə]

are: care, fare, stare

air: air, pair, hair

ear (in some cases): bear, wear, swear


  • [tiə] a drop of salty liquid that flows from the eye
  • [teə] a hole in some material, where it has been torn (+verb)


oi, oy: coin, point, toy, employ


o (open syllable): rose, so, open, only

oa: coat, goat

o + ld: old, cold

ow (in some cases): know, snow, glow

more: comb


ou: house, out, proud, blouse, but: soul [səul]

ow (in some cases): cow, owl, frown, town

Note! [əu], [au]


  • [rəu] a line of seats/people etc.
  • [rau] a noisy argument


  • [bəu] 1) a knot with two curved parts and two loose ends, 2) weapon for shooting arrows
  • [bau] the movement of bending your head or body forward (+ verb)


oor (in some cases): poor

more: tour, sure, cruel

3 triphthongs


our: our, flour

ower: flower, tower


i, y + re: fire, hire, tyre

iar: liar
more: tired, quiet, quite


u + re: cure, pure, during