Learn the following words and expressions. Use them in the context of the story.


Brand-new, squashy, damp, musty/moldy, filthy, ragged


To trip over, to snatch back, to shuffle off, to wheeze (at smb ), to chuckle, to sniff, to howl, to snivel, to shiver, to amble


The longest-ever punishment, every single day, a tiny ray of hope, the proudest moment of one’s life, to burst into tears, to have a look, to be on the point of +Ving, to take a deep breath, to force one’s face into a smile, to wish bitterly (+Subject+had+V3), to wrestle smb. to the ground, to gasp for breath, to one’s horror, to make sure that…, to tear into pieces, to nail up the mail slot , to get out of hand, to ask in amazement, to leap (leapt, leapt) into the air, to slam the door shut, to take a sharp turn, on the outskirts of a city, to make a grab for, to suggest timidly, to stand a chance of Ving, to rumble with hunger (stomach), to sit bolt upright


Vocabulary with translation